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Columbia Family Dentist Joins The Spear Education Faculty Club
Posted on 04/14/2016
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Columbia Family Dentist Joins The Spear Education Faculty Club

When it comes to our patients, we always strive to provide them with the best dental service and care. Since the dental industry is always evolving, it requires ongoing education and collaboration with other dental professionals in order to stay on up-to-date on the most advanced treatment procedures and technology.  The Spear Education Faculty Club is a community of doctors to come together, share their knowledge, & more.  Columbia Family Dentist has become a part of this community in order to continue to deliver the quality dental service that our practice has become known for.  

Below are some of the advantages of our practice being a part of the Faculty Club, and what that means for our patients.

Ongoing Dental Education

As a part of the faculty club, we get access to Spear & CEREC seminars that cover new advancements in the dental health industry, and Spear workshops that included detailed information and hands-on-training for various treatment methods & procedures.  

Also, each year there is a Spear Annual Faculty Club Summit that only members are allowed to attend. Over the course of a few days, presentations are given by dentistry leading professionals such as Frank Spear, D.D.S., M.S.D.; Avishai Sadan, D.M.D.; and John Burgess, D.D.S.

Access to these ongoing education resources allows our team of doctors to evolve with the industry, and to continue offering the best treatments for our patients and creating healthy, radiant smiles.

Advanced Patient Education

We also get access to Spear’s education platform, which includes research-driven animated educational videos meant to simplify the communication process between our doctors and patients.  These videos help our patients establish an understanding of specific dental conditions and the process of a wide range of treatment options. This understanding plays a very important role in making sure all of our patients are comfortable with their treatment and what they can expect the end result to be.

Improved Staff Training

Beyond just our doctors, it’s crucial that our dental staff stays informed and trained on the dental industry advancements.  The Spear Faculty Club grants access to team workshops, along with Spear Online, which contains a wealth of information including resources for training your staff and a course library full of practice and clinical curriculum.

Columbia Family Dentist Staying At The Forefront

We will always strive to provide the best care for our patients by staying up-to-date on the biggest industry advancements, while also advancing our knowledge and expertise.  At Columbia Family Dentist, you can expect us to continue to offer the most advanced treatment methods and procedures, so that you can be confident you’re on the path to a perfect, healthy smile.