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The Benefits of CEREC Dentistry
Posted on 05/30/2017
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The Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

In need of a dental treatment, but don’t have the time? At Columbia Family Dentist we believe that caring for your oral health shouldn’t be tedious chore. That is why our dentists offer CEREC restorations, a same day dental treatment, to the families in the Columbia, MD area.

CEREC: Revolutionary Dental Technology

With CEREC, getting any ceramic reconstruction will no longer take multiple trips to the dentist. Created in 1980, the technology has allowed for same-day dental treatments, so you’re in and out the door to get on with your day. If you have been told that you may need a crown, onlay, bridge, or inlay, CEREC could be an option for you. No more impressions, metal restorations, wait time, and multiple appointments. The CEREC system uses 3D imaging technology to design and make a ceramic restoration that will fit comfortably for patients in one visit.

The Benefits of the CEREC System

This same day dental treatment does not sacrifice any other benefits of traditional ceramic reconstruction. The advantages of the CEREC system include:

  • Quick, same-day treatments

  • No need for multiple trips to the dentist

  • Eliminates the need for temporary, undurable, crowns

  • Restorations can perfectly match the coloration of your teeth

  • Preserves more of your original tooth structure

  • Doesn’t use any metal, so you can maintain a perfectly natural look

What to Expect with the CEREC System

Choosing the CEREC system doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. If you are considering the CEREC system for your dental treatment, the process with be quick and simple. At Columbia Family Dentist, there are four steps that make up the CEREC process.

  • First, the dentist will clean your teeth, and prepares them by removing decay and any previous fillings.

  • We then use the CEREC system to take pictures with an advanced 3D camera.

  • The computer system then creates a ceramic restoration right away, using the 3D photos. The restoration will fit in your tooth perfectly.

  • The dentist will then attach the restoration to your tooth, inspect the attachment, and ensures your bite functions properly. Then you are good to go about your day!

Schedule Your CEREC Same Day Restoration With Columbia Family Dentist

At Columbia Family Dentist in Columbia, MD, we believe in providing our patients with quick, simple, and painless dental treatments. That is why we continuously strive to go beyond your average treatment and provide the best oral care through new dental technology. Don’t put your oral health in the backseat; contact us and schedule your appointment today! ​​