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What To Do If You Have Chipped a Tooth
Posted on 03/27/2017
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What To Do If You Have Chipped a Tooth

Of all the tooth injuries that can happen, chipped teeth are among the most common. If you’ve chipped a tooth, you may not feel any pain in that tooth, unless the chip is large enough to expose the nerves in the inner portion of the tooth.

If the nerves have been exposed, you may notice your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages. You may even feel some pain when chewing. If you’ve chipped one of the pointed chewing surfaces of a back tooth, the injury is called a broken cusp. Even though this type of chipped tooth isn’t usually painful, it should be looked at by your dentist in Columbia, MD to see if you need a crown to restore the shape of the tooth and to prevent further damage.

What Your Columbia Dentist Can Do

The treatment you will receive for a chipped tooth will depend on how seriously the tooth is damaged. If the chip is small, you may not need treatment except for some smoothing out and polishing of the chipped area. If just a small piece of enamel has chipped off, your dentist may repair the damage with a filling. If the chipping has occurred on a front tooth that can be seen when you smile, your dentist can perform bonding on that tooth using a tooth-colored resin. The resin will match the color of your tooth and can be sculpted into the exact shape to make your tooth look whole again.

If a large piece of a tooth has chipped off, your dentist may grind or file away part of the tooth and then cover it with a crown. The crown will protect the tooth and improve its appearance.

At Columbia Family Dentist, our dentists provide porcelain veneers which can be used to restore the natural appearance of chipped teeth. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that’s custom-fitted to a tooth to cover an imperfection. To make sure the veneer fits properly, a small amount of tooth enamel needs to removed from the tooth to make room for the veneer. In as little as two visits, your tooth will look as good as new!

Schedule a Visit with Your Dentist in Columbia, MD

If you’ve chipped a tooth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to visit us at our Columbia, MD office. During your visit, one of our dentists will provide you with an examination followed by a discussion of your options for repairing your chipped tooth. Whether we suggest you have the chipped tooth smoothed out and polished or recommend our same day dentistry in which we will provide you with a ceramic restoration in just one visit, you can rest assured that we have the exact treatment you need to restore your tooth so it looks, feels, and functions like it should.