Dentistry When You Have Braces

Braces feature metal brackets over your teeth connected with a wire that pushes misaligned teeth into a straighter position. This orthodontic solution can help you achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams and amend bite problems that can hinder oral function and put you in danger of other dental problems.

Straightening your teeth this way can take months or even years. So you might worry that braces will interfere with other aspects of your dental care.

However, while braces will impact your smile, they will not stop you from getting the dental attention you need. Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions regarding undergoing dental work while you straighten your smile with braces.

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Can I Replace Missing Teeth When I Have Braces?

If you have missing teeth, you might worry about pursuing orthodontic treatment while also looking for a way to replace lost teeth. Existing fixed dental work like implants will not be able to move with the rest of your teeth when you have braces. A dental implant uses a titanium post anchor in the jaw to support prosthetic teeth which means it will remain in place for good.

Dentists will suggest waiting to replace missing teeth with dental implants until after you finish teeth-straightening treatment with braces. But if you already have implants, a dentist can work around this device. They can secure brackets to teeth surrounding the implant and focus treatment to align these teeth into a straighter position.

Can I Brighten My Smile While Wearing Braces?

Over time, your tooth color can change and appear yellow, dark, dull, or stained. Though braces work to align your smile according to your aesthetic goals, you might worry that these fixtures will stop you from ensuring you maintain a pearly white smile.

The brackets of braces will cover part of the surface of your teeth. This means that a dentist cannot access this part of the tooth for cosmetic dentistry treatment. But a dentist can also work around these fixtures to apply whitening solutions that brighten the areas around the brackets. Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to learn how you can enhance the color of your smile when you have braces.

What If I Get a Cavity During Braces Treatment?

Braces will not stop oral bacteria from eating away at your teeth. So it is possible to form a cavity on your teeth during your orthodontic treatment. However, you should still visit your dentist to treat this dental problem even when wearing braces.

A dentist will drill and fill a cavity around your brackets if possible. But if decay develops close to the brackets, they might need to remove them in order to get rid of the cavity properly.

Then you will need to seek restoration of the bracket as soon as you can to avoid disruption to your teeth-straightening treatment. To reduce your risk of cavities, continue good oral hygiene and attend routine teeth cleaning appointments.