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It is statistically proven that people of all ages live happier and healthier lives if they are regularly taking care of their dental health needs. Maintaining a healthy smile requires a lot of work and a reliable dental professional to help you through the process.

Luckily, regular visits to Columbia Family Dentist can help you achieve your dental goals. As your trusted dentist in Columbia, Maryland, our team works closely with you to craft a personalized treatment plan. We design it around your needs, preventing and treating several common dental concerns to keep your smile healthy.

We can address dental problems associated with the following:

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Common dental concerns that we treat in our Columbia office include the following:

Bleeding Gums

Have you noticed any blood in the sink when you have finished brushing your teeth? Unfortunately, bleeding gums are the first sign of gum disease. Gum disease is one of the most threatening conditions to your smile since advanced stages of this disease can result in bone loss in your jaw or loss and removal of teeth.

The main cause of gum disease is plaque that is left on the tooth, which often forms along or underneath the gum line. For patients suffering from bleeding gums, Columbia Family Dentist is here to help you. Our team offers periodontal therapy to assist patients in restoring their gums back to good health.

Teeth Grinding & Headaches

Do you suspect you grind your teeth at night? Most patients don’t know they have been grinding their teeth until damage occurs. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, causes your teeth to get worn down over time. This may cause you to experience sensitivity when consuming cold or hot foods and drinks. You may also notice that your jaw is sore in the mornings or you wake up with headaches. At each exam, our doctors look for signs of teeth grinding and can assist you with finding a solution to this issue, like TMJ treatment. 

Fear of the Dentist

If you’ve had previous negative experiences at the dentist’s office, we understand that you may be apprehensive in your search for a new dental healthcare provider. Our Columbia dentists and our entire team are here to provide you with compassionate and understanding care. We offer sedation dentistry solutions for our most nervous patients, so you never have to fear going to the dentist again.

Sleep Apnea

Our patients suffering from sleep apnea often come to us after their partner or roommate has complained about their extensive snoring. While doctors usually recommend CPAP machines to treat snoring issues, customized nightguards work just as well. Our office creates customized oral appliances for a more convenient and portable solution to keeping your jaw in a good resting position while you sleep and minimizes the collapse of soft tissue into the throat.

Missing or Crooked Teeth

If you have a misaligned jaw, crowded teeth, missing teeth, or extra teeth, Columbia Family Dentist is here to assist you in resolving these issues. Our office offers orthodontic treatment solutions such as traditional orthodontics, clear braces, or Invisalign, which will align the teeth and correct the positioning of the jaw for a more natural, healthy smile. We also offer a variety of other restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions. We’re prepared to handle the unique needs of your smile.

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Our Columbia dentist office welcomes new patients and offers a non-judgmental, compassionate approach to your needs and goals. Schedule an appointment with our team today to go over any and all of your dental concerns.