Orthodontics Columbia, MD

Orthodontics: An Overview

Often, our patients come to us looking for solutions to straighten their misaligned teeth. When this is the case, we provide a smile consultation to determine what method of orthodontics best meets their needs. While some patients opt for Invisalign solutions, others find that traditional braces will be the most effective treatment option for them. As your trusted dentist in Columbia, MD, we offer in-house orthodontics for our patients looking to straighten their crooked teeth. This means that our team is fully equipped to provide you with the braces you need to achieve your best smile. From applying the brackets to your teeth to adjustments and post-orthodontic care, our Columbia Family Dentist office is here for you throughout your orthodontic journey.

Affordable orthodontics in Columbia Maryland

Orthodontics in Columbia, MD

When it’s time to get braces, you can rely on the Columbia Family Dentist team to provide you with compassionate and comprehensive care. We provide orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. As a family dentist, we will monitor the oral development of pediatric patients and make recommendations for orthodontic treatment when considered necessary for long term dental health.

Columbia Family Dentist offers both traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. The recommended treatment will depend on the overall needs and cosmetic goals of the patient. Our goal is to provide orthodontic treatment that will address your malocclusion, allow the teeth to make proper contact when biting and improve the appearance of your smile.

Once it is determined that you require braces, our team will secure metal brackets to your teeth surfaces and run a metal wire through these brackets, attaching them with small rubber bands. These rubber bands will be changed out each time the wire is tightened, and come in a variety of fun colors to choose from. Every few weeks, patients should expect to visit our office again to have their wire tightened so that we can continue to encourage your teeth to align as you desire them to. These tightening appointments usually last about an hour.

Orthodontic patients should expect their treatment to last anywhere between six months and three years depending on the current condition of their smile. We will monitor your progress regularly as you come to visit us for wire tightenings and keep you fully informed on your treatment plan.

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If you are interested in our discussing your orthodontic needs, receive a second opinion or explore treatment options, please schedule an appointment online for your initial smile consultation. Our highly skilled doctors will evaluate your smile and provide you with a full range of treatment options to achieve your aesthetic goals.