Custom Mouthguard Columbia, MD

Custom Mouthguards: An Overview

If you play impact sports, you are no stranger to the risk of facial trauma. Whether it’s soccer, football, wrestling, or any other contact sport, you need to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw first and foremost. Our Columbia, Maryland dentists are here to help you do so.

We are here to provide you with general dentistry services, as well as cosmetic and restorative solutions, all under one roof. Our office provides customized mouthguards that will fit your smile so perfectly that you won’t have an excuse not to use them. We are here to help with your dental health every step of the way, including when you are out on the field.

Let us provide you with a mouthguard to feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Mouthguards in Columbia, MD

Our mouthguards are unlike the ones you can buy at the supermarket or from sports supply stores. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to make sure your mouthguard fits securely into your mouth. This avoids the chances of slippage and also prevents the discomfort that comes with an ill-fitting mouthguard.

We create our customized mouthguards through the use of dental impressions. We will examine your teeth at your appointment and take the necessary impressions. Afterward, we send off these impressions to our labs to create your mouthguard. Your mouthguard will be complete in one or two weeks, and we will call you back to our office so you can pick it up.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

How long does it take to fit a mouthguard?

Fitting, taking a mold, and creating a mouthguard typically takes between 2-3 weeks. The process involves sending a mold to be created into a mouthguard and then sent back to the dentist and given to the patient.

Are a mouthguard and a nightguard the same thing?

No. You typically use a mouthguard during contact sports. It is specifically fabricated to withstand large hits to the mouth but not made to protect from constant teeth grinding. A night guard can withstand hours of teeth grinding without getting damaged.

Should my teeth hurt after wearing a night guard?

A night guard should not cause pain to patients. Night guard trays act as protection against teeth grinding. They should not fit extremely tight or cause pain or discomfort.

Can you wear your night guard during the day?

Patients who find themselves clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth throughout the day may decide to wear a night guard during the day to protect their teeth. The purpose of a night guard is to protect against teeth damage from clenching and grinding, so if a patient finds themself grinding their teeth during the day, it is wise to wear a guard to protect their teeth.

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

Our mouthguards are multi-purposeful. You may be prescribed a mouthguard or night guard if you struggle with unconscious teeth grinding. Our night guards are custom-fit to you, just like our sports mouthguards, so you are not uncomfortable while sleeping.

Our night guards are also great for treating sleep apnea and can be an essential component of TMJ treatment as well. This is because our night guards hold your jaw in a healthy resting position, allowing you to maintain an open airway while supporting your jaw muscles and joints while you rest.

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