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Dentures & Partials: An Overview

As a restorative dentist in Columbia, Maryland, one of our many specialties is creating customized dentures and partials for patients looking to restore a full arch of teeth. Dentures, or false teeth, are removable oral appliances that can be used to restore the smiles of patients who lost all of their natural teeth due to age, gum disease, tooth decay or injury. A good set of dentures benefits both your health and your appearance.

That’s why our Columbia Family Dentist team is here to provide you with a pair of dentures or partials. We want to help you achieve a radiant, healthy smile, even if your natural smile is no longer there. Our restorative dentistry services are here for you when you need them the most.

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Dentures & Partials In Columbia, MD

The process of creating customized dentures and partials involves a few visits to our office to ensure that your set of teeth will fit you perfectly. First, we thoroughly examine the current condition of your gums and any remaining teeth you have. If you require a tooth extraction, that will need to be planned before you receive your dentures. Our office offers tooth extractions as well, so this can all be done under one roof.

Next, we may recommend you have a few teeth implanted to help hold your dentures in place while they are in use. This prevents slippage and can make your set of teeth more secure than they would be in a bare mouth. Our office also does dental implant procedures, so if this is necessary, we can schedule for this as well.

When your mouth is prepped for your dentures or partials, our doctors will then take dental impressions to ensure that the set of teeth we create for you will perfectly fit your smile. Our goal is to make your new dentures and partials look as natural as possible. Then, your impressions are sent off to our labs. We will call you back to our office when your oral appliance is ready to be picked up.

Dentures FAQs

Are dentures the only option for tooth replacement?

No. Although there are other options to replace missing teeth, dentures are the tried-and-true option for most patients. Today’s modern dentures are more versatile and can even be permanently placed with dental implants to reduce maintenance, and improve comfort.

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

Usually, you will need to wait until your gums heal from tooth extraction before getting your final denture restoration. This can take between 4 to 6 weeks and is dependent on your overall health. In the mean-time, your dentist can provide you with temporary dentures to aid you in the recovery process.

How long does it take to get used to dentures?

If you are new to dentures, have patience and don’t get frustrated if they “feel weird in your mouth” for the first couple of days and weeks. Everyone’s different, so it can take days or some time to get used to wearing them. Dentures are a major restoration that takes your whole mouth to adapt.

Can you eat normally with a partial denture?

Patients with partial dentures can eat whatever they would like. However, after we place the denture there may be some time of adjustment. During the period of adjustment most patients choose to stick to a soft diet.

Can you drink coffee with dentures?

Patients with dentures can drink coffee, but it is important to know that coffee can stain your dentures. Patients should be sure to rinse with water and brush their teeth after drinking coffee to prevent staining.

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