Teeth Whitening Columbia, MD

Tooth Whitening: An Overview

As your experienced, comprehensive dentist in Columbia, Maryland, we are here to provide you with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in Columbia, MD, including teeth whitening solutions. There is a growing desire to achieve whiter, brighter smiles, and we are here to help you with this.

We understand the benefits of being confident with your own smile can have on your personal wellbeing. You should never feel like you have to hide your smile. If you feel your smile is yellowed or dull, Columbia Family Dentist can assist you in whitening your smile and giving you a complete smile makeover.

affordable tooth Whitening in Columbia Maryland

You can depend on Columbia Family Dentist to help you achieve your goals for your smile. If the color of your teeth is an insecurity of yours, rest assured that we will provide you with compassionate and understanding care. We are here to help you, not judge you. Our team looks forward to creating radiant, healthy smiles in the Columbia, Maryland area on a daily basis.

What causes discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is a common issue that patients of all ages experience. It might surprise you how many common daily substances that regularly stain your teeth. The following are some of the top staining foods, drinks, and substances:

  • Tea and coffee.
  • Red wine
  • Sodas
  • Fruit juice
  • Red sauces
  • Soy sauce
  • Tobacco

Even the most consistent oral hygiene patients experience tooth discoloration over time. Additionally, if you have been without a dental healthcare provider for an extended amount of time, it is likely that your teeth have dulled as well. Our Columbia cosmetic dentistry is here to help you with this issue. Our whitening solutions provide you with the bright, white color that you have been looking for with no hassle.

Teeth Whitening In Columbia, MD

Our office utilizes a whitening gel that is applied over your teeth for a specified amount of time. This whitening gel lifts the stains from the surface of your teeth and leaves you with a bright, white smile that you can be proud of. We can provide in-office or out-of-office whitening treatments, depending on your needs.

All of our whitening solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of your smile. Our team will take dental impressions of your teeth so that the whitening trays that the gel is applied with fit snuggly over your smile. This means that you aren’t left with inconsistent coloring or blotches on your teeth.

While you can buy an at-home whitening solution from the grocery store, our whitening trays are made to custom-fit your smile and ensure that the gel is applied evenly throughout the entirety of your smile.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

When will I see results from teeth whitening?

After having your teeth professionally whitened it takes about 24 hours for the results to make themselves noticeable. The whitening agents work gradually so you will not notice a difference immediately.

How long do your teeth stay white after whitening?

After whitening teeth stay white from a range of six months to two years. The lifespan of the whiteness varies based on a patient’s oral care, diet, and if they receive whitening touch ups.

How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

After teeth whitening patients are advised to avoid eating foods that have potent colors or dyes for 2-3 days to avoid staining their freshly whitened teeth. This means avoiding foods and drinks. Coffee and wine are known to stain teeth, so patients should avoid them if they wish to keep their teeth white.

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Our team is here to provide you with high-quality, efficient, teeth whitening solutions in the Columbia, Maryland area. If you are looking to improve your smile, teeth whitening is a minimally invasive procedure that can give you the ultimate smile makeover.

Contact our office today with any questions you have on our teeth whitening services at 410-670-8211 or schedule an appointment online to begin your teeth whitening treatment plan.