Get Broken Dental Crowns Repaired

If you have a damaged or vulnerable tooth, your dentist may recommend restorative treatment using a dental crown. This ceramic cap fits over an affected tooth, shielding it from potential exterior threats that could cause further harm.

Though crowns are durable, they may break or become loose under immense pressure, which puts your smile at risk. Dr. Sahil Goyal, a dentist practicing in Columbia, MD, describes actions you should take if you sustain damage to a dental crown.

Call Your Dentist As Soon As Possible

When your dentist secures a dental crown to a tooth, they must remove a small portion of the tooth enamel in order to make room for the cap. Thinned enamel can expose underlying dentin, which contains nerves that cause painful tooth sensitivity symptoms when stimulated.

You may notice this pain if your dental crown becomes damaged or dislodged. Tooth pain of any kind is considered a dental emergency, and you should reach out to your dental professional as soon as you can for guidance and scheduling an appointment to repair the damage.

Attend Emergency Dental Appointment

When you attend your emergency dental appointment, you should bring the broken dental crown with you if possible. Your dentist will examine your teeth and the crown to evaluate the extent of the dental damage.

If the dental crown is intact, the dentist can replace the crown over your tooth. They may provide a temporary crown if you require a new permanent crown to be constructed.

Prevent Future Dental Crown Harm

With your dental crown restored, you should take precautions to avoid this emergency in the future. Abnormal amounts of pressure could harm a crown, so you should not bite down on hard items, such as the end of a pen, ice, or fingernails.

You should also let your dentist know if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. They may suggest that you wear a mouthguard overnight to protect your crown from grinding that may occur during sleep.

Fix Damaged Dental Crowns and More in Columbia, MD

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