3 Reasons for Tooth Loss

Millions of Americans suffer from missing teeth and struggle with the resulting consequences of the health, function, and appearance of their smile. A dentist can provide tooth replacement solutions to restore these patients’ smiles. But ideally, you should preserve your natural dental structure as much as you can.

If you know what factors could lead to tooth loss, you can spot warning signs and prevent this serious dental problem before it occurs. Read on to learn about three issues that could cause a tooth to fall out and how your dentist can help you avoid this problem.

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What Dental Problems Can Cause Tooth Loss?

Advanced Gum Disease

The leading cause of tooth loss in adult dental patients is advanced gum disease. This refers to an infection of the gum tissue that starts with gum inflammation and progresses to eat away at the teeth and jawbone. This causes enough damage that the tooth can fall out.

You cannot get rid of gum disease on your own and will need periodontal therapy from your dentist to eradicate the infection. It is easier to treat when caught earlier. So visit your dentist for routine oral exams.

Not every case of gum disease will present with noticeable symptoms, so these dentist appointments can play a major role in protecting your smile. Prevent major dental damage, including tooth loss, by taking care of your gums.

Severe Tooth Damage

If your tooth sustains major structural damage, this could cause it to fall out entirely. Damage can occur in various ways, including an infection of the tooth pulp or severe tooth decay.

A dentist will tooth pulp damage through root canal therapy. And they will drill away tooth decay and restore the tooth’s structure after this treatment with a dental crown. But you can prevent this damage with regular care from your dentist.

A cavity is a common dental problem and it is an early form of tooth decay. Treat cavities promptly to stop them from advancing and causing major harm to your smile. Attend regular cleanings with your dentist too to reduce your risk of getting cavities in the first place.

Impact Trauma to the Face

Even with diligent preventative dental care, accidents could occur that will hurt your smile. For instance, if you suffer a blow to the face or mouth, the pressure from the impact could cause a tooth to fall out. But in this case, your dentist might replace this tooth if you take prompt action.

Call your dentist for an emergency appointment if you lose a tooth due to impact trauma. If possible, gently place the tooth back into its socket to keep it preserved. If not, submerge the tooth in a small container filled with spit.

Handle the tooth by its crown rather than its sensitive root if possible to avoid harming the tooth further. The dentist should be able to restore the tooth to its place in the mouth. But if they cannot, they can offer effective tooth replacement solutions.